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Want to start your own boxing equipment label?  Let me help!

For those wanting to import boxing equipment under their own label, you will face a very closed industry that typically has fairly high barriers to entry.  In order to expedite the learning process and get you up and running in the fastest and cheapest way possible, I have put together a program designed to guide you through the startup phase of your business.  This training will not only focus on working with overseas manufacturers, but also with starting this type of business in general.  My consultation services cover the following: 

  • Direct connections to key and trusted overseas manufacturers that have been vetted and tested by me.
  • Expected pricing and volumes of imported products.
  • Prototyping costs and expectations.
  • How boxing gloves are made – a detailed overview so you understand the time and skills involved.  Includes a review of the machinery and related processes like logo printing (screen print, heat transfer) and woven labels for wrist tags or warning labels.
  • Keys to getting along with overseas manufacturers, particularly those in Muslim countries.  Will include overview of cultural mores, language issues, and interpersonal relationship strategies.
  • Communication methods and standards with overseas manufacturers (phone, email, whatsapp, skype).
  • Dealing with defective products upon arrival as well as upon discovery by customer.
  • Overview of importing using Air Freight, Air Cargo, Sea Freight (FCL and LCL) and Courier, including recommended vendors, pricing strategy, delivery times, and performance expectations.
  • Working with customs brokers to clear shipments through air or sea ports, including standard costs and timelines.
  • Detailed description of the materials used for boxing equipment, particularly leather, vinyl, and foam.  Will provide samples of quality materials and cheap materials to explain the difference.
  • Working with elite athlete customers to build quality products.
  • Retail pricing strategies, including expected margins, sales, giveaways, and promotions.
  • Product development strategies including logo creation and placement, end use of product driving product design (e.g. for fitness or for fighting?  Velcro vs lace up, etc).
  • Minimizing costs of artwork and web development.
  • E-commerce strategies including building and hosting a website, ways to minimize marketing costs while maximizing product exposure, listing of products around web, and bringing new products to market.
  • Marketing strategies including social network exposure (free and paid), cross promotion with other brands, and presence at special events.
  • Descriptions of product development and manufacturing at very high production volumes (i.e. how companies like Everlast, Title, Ringside, etc get it done).

Contact me at for pricing and other details.

Prototype Construction

Using our production studio in Sanford, Florida, we can build a prototype for just about any piece of equipment you need.  As the only US-based manufacturer of boxing gloves, we specialize in building any type of glove you want to create.  We will work out the design idea and build it in house so that working together we can refine it to the point where your own manufacturer can build it on a production scale.  Don't fly blind - invest in a prototype, get it built exactly right, then send it overseas for production.

Here's a recent customer review from Precision Striking out of Canada.  We designed a bag glove for them that we then manufactured overseas in bulk.  We prototyped it for them first, then incorporated their changes and produced a very nice glove that they can be proud of.  Check out the video below, and please take a look at their boxing videos on youtube, they are hands down the best boxing instructional videos on the internet!