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1v1's US-built line of equipment (Pro Trainer Series) as well as its imported line of equipment will amaze you from the moment you put them on.  Comfort and quality are the order of the day, and you'll see and feel both when you start working a bag or sparring.  We use only the finest genuine cowhide leathers and high quality internal materials that help make your training as comfortable and safe as it can be.  Don't let yourself be limited by mediocre products - maximize the return on your sweat investment by using professional level gloves like those offered here.

We also carry several types of gloves other than boxing gloves, including MMA gloves, Hybrid Training gloves, Bag Training gloves, and weightlifting gloves. 

Check out the first in our series of informational videos.  This one outlines the foams available for your custom made boxing gloves.

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