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Our New Shop is Open!

We did it!!  2 months ago we opened our little manufacturing facility and are pumping out some awesome stuff - check out the home page to see a few of our latest creations.  We've also been branching out a bit, taking on the manufacture of several military related items that I hope to be able to show you all soon.  This military kit is right in my wheelhouse, having spent 10 years active duty, so I'm very excited to start spicing up the 1v1 brand with a military flavor.  For a lot of this stuff we are providing OEM service to another company so we need to get clearance from them to display that particular equipment, but we're also creating our own lines of equipment that we'll definitely be sharing here soon.  Opening a shop has been an incredible challenge, beyond anything I could have imagined going into it.  But we did it, and I am very excited to show all the new ideas we're coming up with.  The address of the shop is 1111 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd, Suite 121, Longwood FL 32750, so feel free to stop by any time and see what we're up to!  - Jason

New Shop About To Open!

The last week or so has been off the charts crazy, as we are not only moving house but we are also setting up a new shop!  We're very excited about this, and will be posting pics along the way.  I'm hoping we'll have everything up and running in a couple weeks (isn't everything always "a couple weeks"?).  We are in the process of designing our own lines of US made combat sports equipment that will include boxing gloves, headgear, focus mitts, and groin protectors.  We'll also be selling other items like wraps, shirts, rash guards, and training shorts.  As for our custom order service, that will continue as part of our Custom Glove shop.  We have 4 orders right now that are in various stages of being built, but we've had significant delays as we don't really have a sufficient space to work at this point - there's so much that is going into putting together this facility (painting, building shelves and tables, etc) that it's really difficult to get this work done.  If you are one of those customers, I'm sure I've said this to you all already, but please be patient, we will have these current orders finished fairly soon.  I sincerely appreciate your patience!

Thanks, and keep an eye out for pics to come!


Custom US-Made Boxing Gloves for All My People!

That's right peeps, we have finally done it.  After serious struggle, expenditure, research, travel, negotiation, practicing, yada yada yada, we have opened our custom shop for business, making boxing gloves right here in the US.  Would it have been much easier if someone - anyone - had done us a dang favor and posted a video on how to make boxing gloves? Sure.  But they didn't.  So we had to find a way, and we did.  We have finally reached the point where we fully understand the process, and have trained at it to the point that we can  So give me a call or email, and let's talk about what you need.  We are ready.



New Products Coming!

We've got a bunch of amazing new products being developed, including kick pads, focus mitts, shin/instep guards, helmets, and even some completely original and custom hand wraps!  You can purchase our products either here online, or in Dubai at MMA Fight Shop across from the Mall of the Emirates and at Glory MMA & Fitness on Meydan Rd across from the Dubai Equestrian Center.